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Hall of Promises gathers objects that translate the faith of the pilgrims of Aparecida

There are many demonstrations of love and gratitude for Our Lady of Aparecida’s intercession, and an example of that is the Hall of Promises, also known as the ‘Hall of Miracles’.

This space, located in the National Sanctuary’s basement since 1974, displays a variety of ex-votos (objects offered by devotees for former vows), which are delivered every day by the pilgrims visiting the Sanctuary of Aparecida.

Every object left in the Hall of Promises is an expression of gratitude or prayer for a blessing, representing an element from the daily life of a devotee, such as a situation involving risk to life or health, family problems, unemployment, personal achievements, among others.

According to statistical control data, the Hall of Promises, in July 2017, received more than 84 thousand visitors, and in the month of October that figure usually doubles up.

Among the items offered to Mother Aparecida, wax pieces are the most common objects. In order to tend to the large number of pilgrims looking for wax pieces representing their gratitude or prayer, the Sanctuary of Aparecida has created the House of Candles.

In this site pilgrims will find, in addition to ordinary candles and meter-candles, wax pieces depicting a house, a car, a key, organs and limbs of the human body, such as a heart, a lung, a head, a knee, and many other items. The five best selling wax pieces ares: the House, the Girl’s Head, the Heart, the Work Card and the Knee. This data is related to the month of October 2016.

The Hall of Promises also frequently receives objects of gratitude from famous devotees of Our Lady of Aparecida, such as soccer player Ronaldo the Phenomenon, Formula 1 champion Ayrton Senna, Natália Guimarães (Miss Brazil 2007), Debora Lyra (Miss Brazil 2010), TV host Marcos Mion, Cigano (MMA fighter), humorist Renato Aragão, Marcos Pontes (astronaut), and singers Rio Negro & Solimões, Daniel, Thiaguinho, Hugo & Thiago, and Franck Aguiar, among others.

To deliver an ex-voto, a devotee must go to the reception desk, located inside the Hall of Promises, and give it to our collaborators available there. Another option, in case a devotee cannot come to the Sanctuary of Aparecida, is to send an ex-voto by mail to:

National Sanctuary of Our Lady of Aparecida

C/o: Hall of Promises/Sala das Promessas. Av. Dr. Júlio Prestes, s/nº - Ponte Alta - Aparecida (SP)

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