Por A12 Em Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida

National Sanctuary

Luana Corrêa


To perpetuate the devotion to Our Lady of Aparecida, by providing the best experience of faith and evangelization, with excellent sheltering services, communication means and social works.


To establish a unique Christian spirituality relationship and be recognized as the largest Marian pilgrimage center in the world.

Our values

Spirituality: The National Sanctuary is the Home of Mother Aparecida, the house of God and a pastoral and devotional reference for thousands of Catholics. Those who visit us must go through an experience of faith, fraternal love and meekness in their hearts.

Integrity: An honest attitude means acting with transparency, truth, balance, good judgment and an ethical posture.

Responsibility: Being and feeling responsible for people, and the tasks and commitments assumed in our daily lives.

Excellence: At any and every level, when welcoming visitors, in the relationship between collaborators and partners, and in the daily execution of the pastoral and professional activities.

Joy: A sincere smile is the greatest symbol of cordiality and sheltering in this house.

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