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Tourist Attractions

The National Sanctuary is the destination of many families, which choose the city of Aparecida (SP) to thank for the blessings granted by Our Lady, and to know all that history of devotion at the many tourist attractions.

Religious tourism in the city offers many attractions to pilgrims. Inside the Sanctuary, in addition to an experience of faith, attending the masses, taking part in the Consecration to Our Lady, and reciting the rosary, worshippers can visit many spaces that offer excellent leisure and cultural options, such as:

Niche of Our Lady of Aparecida: Located in the Southern Nave of the Sanctuary, the niche lodges the original image, found in the Paraíba do Sul River in 1717.

Hall of Promises: The space, located in the basement of the Basilica, displays a variety of ex-votos (an object offered by devotees for former vows), which are delivered every day by the pilgrims.

Devotion Memorial: It lodges the Cine Padroeira/Patroness Cinema, the Wax Museum (with more than 60 pieces) and the Corner of Child Devotees. It is located in the patio of the Basilica, just beside the Pilgrim Support Center.

Nativity Hill: It is located in the National Sanctuary’s patio, and has more than 70 sculptures depicting the birth of Jesus, the finding of the Image of Our Lady of Aparecida in the Paraíba do Sul River, and attractions such as a cave, waterfalls, a lake and an observation deck.

300th Anniversary Monument: Installed in the Sanctuary’s Gardens, close to avenue Avenida do Convento, this monument is a homage to the 300th anniversary of the discovery of the image of Our Lady of Aparecida, commemorated in 2017. This work is a replica of the monument placed in the Vatican Gardens.

Museum of Our Lady of Aparecida: This space counts on permanent and temporary exhibitions on many different themes, within the broader context of the history of the devotion to the Patroness of Brazil. It is located on the 1st and 2nd floors of the Brasília Tower.

Observation Deck: Located on the 18th floor of the Brasília Tower, with an area of 324 square meters, from where it is possible to observe a large part of the Paraíba Valley, and to have a privileged view as well of the Paraíba River and the Presidente Dutra Highway, both of which run through the city of Aparecida.

Central Dome: This work by artist Cláudio Pastro is located above the Central Altar, at 72 meters from the floor. Access to this space is available through the Sanctuary’s basement, to the left of Aparecida TV’S studio.

Cruzeiro Hill: Separated from the city of Aparecida by the Presidente Dutra Highway, is the tourist attraction where the traditional Stations of the Cross are held every Friday during Lent.

Chapels of the Sanctuary of Aparecida: Each one of them was built based on a art project full of symbols and meanings. The St. Joseph Chapel, to the left of the Central Altar; the Chapel of the Most Holy, to the right; the Resurrection Chapel and the Baptism Chapel, both located on the John Paul II Esplanade, in the patio of the Sanctuary; and the Chapel of Candles, to the left of the Holy Door;

Bell Tower: Located just beside the Faith Walkway, it comprises 13 bells, dedicated to the Apostles, to Worshippers and to Our Lady of Aparecida;

Builders’ Memorial: It gathers the Sanctuary’s homages to the more than two thousand people who have contributed to the history of Our Lady of Aparecida. It is located on the access ramp to the National Sanctuary through the Holy Door, from where devotees can contemplate the statue of Our Lady of Assumption.

Monument dedicated to Our Lady of Fátima: It was inaugurated in the Sanctuary to celebrate the centenary of Fátima (Portugal) and the 300th anniversary of Aparecida (Brazil), in 2017. It is located in the Northern Garden of the Sanctuary.

Faith Walkway: Covering 392.2 meters, it is one of the main access ways to the Old Basilica, one of the first churches built in honor to Mother Aparecida, inaugurated in 1888.

Cable Cars: Covering 1.170 meters, these cable cars take visitors to Cruzeiro Hill, the place of meditation in the Stations of the Cross.

Pilgrim Support Center: Located in the National Sanctuary’s patio, the local offers amenities, sheltering and entertainment to visitors. It counts on food plazas, many outlets, and 24-h banking terminals, in addition to an aquarium.

Port of Itaguaçu: The place where the image of Our Lady of Aparecida was discovered, it is located outside the walls of the Basilica, on Avenida Itaguaçu. At the port, it is possible to visit the Chapel, the ‘Three Fishermen’ monument and go on a ferry ride along the Paraíba do Sul River.

Pilgrim’s City: Conceived to shelter pilgrims, this place counts on the Chapel of Our Lady of Hope, the Rainha do Brasil Hotel, the Santo Afonso Conference Center, a Commercial Center, restaurants, a cohabitation area, the Rosary Pathway, in addition to a vast green area, with lakes and parks.

Rosary Pathway: The 1,300-meter path connects the Pilgrim’s City - close to the Rainha do Brasil Hotel - to the Port of Itaguaçu, and it is a place to provide a special sheltering to local dwellers and pilgrims. This space includes a reproduction of scenarios so visitors can reflect on the Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and Luminous Mysteries, and is a space for family interaction as well.

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