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Aparecida TV

Aparecida TV

Escrito por A12

20 MAI 2019 - 16H39 (Atualizada em 13 SET 2023 - 16H38)

Logo TV Aparecida
Logo TV Aparecida

With more than 10 years of history, APARECIDA TV outstands among the 14 largest TV networks in Brazil in terms of coverage, according to ANATEL, and is the 6th most viewed open TV station in the country in terms of the share of PAY TV households (Source: Ibope MW - Total number of PAY TV households, PNT - October 2017).

In our programming, we celebrate faith in religious contents and we offer a diversified programming, with cultural, educational, journalistic, sports, musical, and for women TV shows, including live transmissions, movies and children’s cartoons, demonstrating our care and a partnership with Brazilian family.

With the potential of reaching 75 million people, in 445 municipalities, 24 States and the Federal District, Aparecida TV broadcasts its own 100%-HD in-house produced shows.

In addition to that, the Aparecida Mother TV has an inclusive content with Closed Caption available in all TV shows and more than 16 hours per week of audio descriptions. Aparecida TV is also present in the Internet and in social media through the website, with an average 400 thousand unique visits per month, and counts on more than 2.3 million followers in Facebook and 1.4 million subscribers in its YouTube video channel.

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