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Aparecida Communication Network: Media that evangelize and disseminate the devotion to Mother Aparecida

The National Sanctuary has many different means of communication, which contribute to the evangelization and diffusion of the devotion to Our Lady of Aparecida. The Jornal Santuário/Sanctuary Newspaper, the Aparecida Radio and TV Network, A12, the Aparecida Magazine, the Devotos Mirins/Child Devotees Magazine and the Jovens de Maria/Marian Youth Magazine are media dedicated to Christian values and to promoting faith among people.

Since they arrived in Aparecida, in 1894, the Redemptorist Missionaries have assumed the mission of looking after the image of Our Lady of Aparecida and managing those communication means, with the purpose of disseminating the devotion to the Mother of God.

Get to know a little bit more about the history of each communication mean:

Santuary Newspaper

The Jornal Santuário/Sanctuary Newspaper was the first communication mean of Our Lady of Aparecida. This publication was launched on November 10, 1900, as the first product of the Editora Santuário publishing company. Since then, it has never stopped being printed and is the oldest catholic publication in circulation in Brazil.

Aparecida Radio

Aparecida Radio was inaugurated on September 08, 1951, when the Redemptorist Missionaries realized the importance of a communication mean to assist in evangelization and in the dissemination of the devotion to Mother Aparecida. Countless listeners associated to the Members’ Club support the radio station. The Radio of Our Lady of Aparecida offers quality programming, including news and music shows and sketches to provide guidance to listeners with the participation of experts.

Divulgação / Rede Aparecida
Divulgação / Rede Aparecida

Aparecida TV

Aparecida TV was born on September 08, 2005, with a programming dedicated to religious contents. Its schedule offers cultural, educational, journalistic, and musical shows, including movies, cartoons and soap operas, which promote evangelization and provide quality information to Brazilian families. Currently, Aparecida TV is among the 14 largest TV networks in Brazil in terms of coverage.


Launched in 2010, A12 is a digital evangelization channel, gathering entertainment, formation, information and quality content for every audience. A12 counts on a diversified team, comprising journalists, designers, cameramen, video editors, Internet and technical support analysts, all that under the Redemptorist Missionaries’ supervision and management. Currently, the Portal has an audience exceeding 1 million and 300 thousand accesses per month, and has become one of the main means to disseminate catholic inspiration in Brazil.

Aparecida Magazine

Created in April 2002, this publication is a gift given by the National Sanctuary’s Devotees’ Campaign to thank for the ‘yes’ of every member of the great family of devotees on behalf of the evangelizing work undertaken by the Home of Mother Aparecida. In addition to that, the Aparecida Magazine’s mission is to assist the spiritual life of the families of Our Lady of Aparecida devotees all over Brazil.

Campanha dos Devotos
Campanha dos Devotos

Child Devotees  Magazine

This children’s publication was born in 2006 due to the need of creating an appropriate monthly publication for small children, with catechetical, informational, evangelizing and fun contents, so children can learn by playing.

Marian youth Magazine

Since October 2016, young people registered in the Devotees’ Campaign have been given an adequate publication for their age and that addresses subjects of their interest. The Jovens de Maria/Marian Youth Magazine is a monthly publication whose purpose is to bring youth closer to Marian spirituality. Every month, the publication offers contents on current news, the sciences, comic strips, education and many other issues that help youth to reflect on the challenges of their daily lives, about Christian life, and about the Church’s relationship-building proposals.

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