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The Bible is a set of Books considered sacred by Christians and Jews. Written throughout centuries, by several authors and in several locations of the Middle East, the Bible is today the most translated and disseminated Book across the planet. In Portuguese, among the several existing translations, we have the Bible of Aparecida, designed and printed by redemptorist missionaries.  

We present to netsurfers this translation intended to be clearly understood and easily read. An instrument designed so that everybody can study and at the same time pray on the Sacred Texts.

The Bible was translated based on what we know today as the original texts, that is, the texts considered classical copies of the Greek and Hebraic texts, also compared to the classical Latin translation.  

The Bible of Aparecida was translated by redemptorist missionary Priest José Raimundo Vidigal, from Rio de Janeiro Province, bearing in mind Our Lady pilgrims who want to know and cultivate the habit of meditating on the sacred texts. 

In our present world, increasingly digital, printed texts of the Bible of Aparecida had to be made available on the Web world. Due to that, it is with great pride and a sense of accomplishment that we offer to all of you, netsurfers worldwide, the Bible of Aparecida translated texts. 

May we all grow in the intimate experience with God and in the meeting with Jesus Christ through our contact with these texts. 


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