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Help the National Sanctuary of Aparecida

We house over 12 million pilgrims every year, coming from different countries.  We need your help to provide comfort to the visitors, for we believe that welcoming is also evangelizing.

Your generous donation will help us fulfill our mission, reaching Catholics from the whole world. All that is possible thanks to the union of thousands of people who gather to disseminate the good through the devotion to Our Lady of Aparecida.

Join this mission. Thank you!



Get to know the 300 years of history

Dear devotees of Our Lady of Aparecida,

Along these almost 300 years of history, since Our Lady of Aparecida image was found in the waters of Paraíba do Sul River in Brazil, graces and miracles have happened and generous hearts shared what they had in order to disseminate faith and build this huge Marian Sanctuary.

It represents the love and devotion to the Mother of God and our dearly called Mother Aparecida.

Learn the first miracles of Our Lady of Aparecida: 

We need help from devotees to receive, during the 300 years jubilee, in 2017, thousands of pilgrims from the whole world and also the illustrious Our Lady devotee Pope Francis.

Help the Sanctuary. We need your generous donation.


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