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Aparecida TV was born of an initiative of the Catholic Church. It is known by all as the TV of Our Lady and spreads the love of the Marian message to Brazilian homes with respect and quality, reaching the home of every devotee.

Tv Aparecida Its schedule demonstrates its own mission: to value the human on the path towards the divine. So it celebrates faith daily in its religious content, and at the same time offers a variety of cultural, educational and journalistic programs, demonstrating their care and partnership in building people.

Its growing progress and professionalism open prospects for nationwide reach. Gradually, thistelevision station enters people’s life routine so that the shows and hosts are real partners, who share the story of each day.

Aparecida TV thanks the affection, values the trust of its viewers and works tirelessly to provide the best for you and your family.

Aparecida TV, media as strong as the faith of the Brazilian people.

The Our Lady of Aparecida Foundation, keeper of Aparecida Radio, has won the concession of channel 59UHFofAparecida, SP, Brazil,which aired on September 7, 2004, to the inhabitants of the region. However, with coverage all acrossBrazil, its signal aired only on September 8, 2005.

On September 11, 2005, it started broadcasting the 8 o’clock mass on Sundays on TV Culturaof São Paulo. Already on October 11 of the same year, it broadcasted live, in partnership with other Catholic TV stations, the 1st Concert for Peace and Solidarity, carried out in patioPope John Paul II, in the southern area of the National Shrine.

The Paulista TV System, Gugu Liberato’s old network of re-broadcasting companies, startedcarrying Aparecida TV’s signal to 17 other cities as of April2007. That year, the network began reaching cities likeSão Luís, MA,João Pessoa, PB, Florianópolis, SC,and Fortaleza, CE. On May 20, 2011,the station gained an affiliate in the capital of Bahia, FBE TV: Televisão Brasil Ecoar channel 15.

On April 1,2010, Aparecida TVand theNational Shrinecreated A12.com, Aparecida’s news portal. The portal brings news to Catholics all over Brazil as well as maintaining Aparecida TV’s and Aparecida Radio’s signal online for the whole world.

In April2010,became part of Telefônica TV Digital’s grid(current Vivo TV), channel 231.

On August 23, 2010, Aparecida TV, in partnership with Canção Nova TV, held the first presidential debate sponsored by Catholic television stations.

In September2011, the Aparecida Communication Network application was released for Apple(IOS) and Android systems,with Aparecida TV and Aparecida Radio schedule (OM, OC/OT and FM) in real time.

In July 2013, Aparecida TV did full coverage of the visit of Pope Francis to Aparecida and Rio de Janeiro for the World Youth Day, with 250 hours of programming, reaching its biggest audience up to that point and gaining prominence in the market television.

In October2014, Aparecida TV inaugurated its new HD switcher in the studio located in the basement of the National Shrine, and from that date on, 50% of the station's content began to be broadcast in high definition.

On September 8, 2015, the station celebrated 10 years of history and completed its digitization process with the opening of the HD switcher at the network’s headquarters. Therewith, 100% of Aparecida TV’s content began to be broadcast in HD.

With this new technology, Aparecida TV is projected to deliver more content and viewers can watch a new production way, when images offer more setting details, costumes, makeup, among other features.

In November 2015, according to the Ricardo Feltrin’s column on the website UOL, Aparecida TV reached the 7th position among the most watched open TV stations in the country, ahead of Brasil TV, Gazeta TV, Record News, Rede Vida and Canção Nova.

Currently, Aparecida TV can be tuned throughout Brazil through satellite dishes. In open channels, it can be tuned in 22 states + Federal District, 20 capital cities and 307 municipalities, covering a population of 70 million people. On cable TV, the signal is available in many cities by cable, including the metropolitan areas of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro via NET and DTH operators: OI TV,VIVO TV,Claro TV,Algar Telecom, Klin TV, GVT and SKY, according to determination by SeAC Law (Law No. 12,485/2011).

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