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Santuário Publishing Company


The Editora Santuário publishing company was founded in 1900, with a clear pastoral purpose: to promote evangelization through the press and especially among the poor. They are the reason and the identification of our existence.

The work for the poor is something highly cherished by Redemptorists, the heirs of the missionary charisma of St. Alphonsus. The creation of Editora Santuário publishing company is connected to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Aparecida, by uniting the faith of pilgrims to a communication mean. That effort gave birth to the Jornal Santuário de Aparecida /Sanctuary of Aparecida Newspaper, which has been printed all through those years.


To work, edit and publish contents related to the catholic tradition in its theological, pastoral and liturgical aspects, as a response to the current challenges faced by the Church in Brazil.


To consolidate Editora Santuário publishing company’s presence in the national territory as a reference brand in terms of books and other materials dedicated to religious issues in the catholic editorial niche market. To consolidate the process of promoting ecological responsibility and reducing risks and costs, and to implement a partial diversification of print production. To expand the network of Livrarias Santuário/Sanctuary Bookstores, while improving the quality control and public service processes, and to acquire as well new technologies for the sale of electronic books. To extend our presence and brand into the main book markets.


Respect for the human person, at the service of common good (people, society and the environment); not to prioritize economic goods, but rather sustainability, ethics, and environmental awareness; to work according to the principles set by the labor legislation, the Code of Ethics of every class of professionals, and respect for diversity.

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