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I want to get an abortion

Many times, when we become aware of the consequences of some of our acts, we want to settle them as quickly as possible. When that involves pregnancy, we soon remember that sentence: “I want to get an abortion!”

And I thought so much about it, my God, I will not be able to do it, if my family finds out I’ll be in deep trouble, my boyfriend will never accept it, it will destroy my life, I didn’t want to get pregnant. All those thoughts emerge in conjunction with tears, anguish and fear, and sleepless nights. And suddenly abortion comes up as an easy and quick solution. Always together with some reluctance, but I have already decided!


Sure, and what does your son or daughter think about this issue? Yes, he or she, who is right there, inside you, receiving the divine blessing of life, and with which you are cooperating right now. What would he/she say? And what about God? Didn’t He know about it all? Or is it that exactly in your case He has made a mistake? What would be His opinion? Did He just take a nap and things have just happened?

Actually, it doesn’t involve just one person anymore, now it is two, or who knows three? It is not only about my rights or my life, but our lives, yours and the child’s. And do not forget God. It is not a punishment, but a chance to experience an even greater love. How many good things might come your way from that life.

Besides, the Church knows many mothers have faced hardships. In that sense, Pope Francis has said something very interesting that perhaps might help you. “And, among those women ... may be our very mother, a grandmother or other people close to us (cf. 2 Timothy 1, 5). Maybe their lives have not always been perfect, but even in the midst of imperfections and falls, they continued to carry on and pleased the Lord.”

Of course we make lots of mistakes, and some of them have strong consequences in our lives, and that’s why we should not increase them. Getting an intentional abortion makes a terrible impression in our conscience, the guilt of having killed someone is something very hard for a woman’s psychological life, the opposite of the divine blessing God has already granted to us, by allowing that life to arise in you. THAT life is at the doorway of your own life, knocking and saying: “if any man shall hear My voice, and open to me the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me (Apocalypse 3,20).” This is not time for despair, it is time to accept the blessings of life God offers to us.

Finally, I’ll tell you a secret, my mother, God bless her, had a very difficult life, and to make things worse she got involved with someone who did not want to take on the responsibility of being a father when she got pregnant. Imagine if she had given up on me, imagine if she had abandoned me, if she had not loved me. You would not be reading this text. I say this because that person who is already there WITH you has a mission, and the first one is to grow up as your child.

Fábio Santos Araújo, member of the Sodalitium of Christian Life.

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